Thursday, July 21, 2016

Storm clouds

I always try to find various photo opportunities wherever I am. Sometimes I'll just study compositions and don't take any photographs. There are other times I'll even pull out my cell phone to practice composition. A few of those are actually pretty good. There are times I'll also pull out my Fuji. 
On the 19th Susan was in her match and walked over to an adjoining open field. I was wanting to get some of the wildflowers. There was too much wind however from the coming storm and the flowers kept moving around too much to capture a reasonable image. So, I started studying the storm clouds around the area. They were dark, and foreboding. In one part of the sky there was lightning. However there was a little too much clutter from the strip mall and power lines for my taste in that direction.
The two images I did end up uploading I also included links for. The third, and fourth, images had buildings I felt cluttered up the image a bit so I didn't choose those. I chose the second one over the first one because the clouds seemed to frame Pikes Peak a little better.
Well, I hope you enjoy. Here are the images.

I'll soon be posting my Shooks Run shoot images.
Have a great day.

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