Wednesday, October 5, 2016

On the way

After we left Deadwood, SD I managed to get us lost. Even worse, I was completely out of roaming internet on my phone so my GPS wouldn't work. The only reason I know the name of the creek in the next three images is because I took a picture of the highway sign at the bridge. The highway number is 14A, and creek is Spearfish Creek.
As I was driving down the highway I noticed several pro photographers who were shooting images. Why I think they were pros is the $1500+ lenses they were using. I think one was using a pretty expensive Manfrotto tripod too. The equipment is the ones you see advertised in Outdoor Photographer which I subscribe to.
About a mile from where I seen the pros all set up I pulled at what seemed to be a good spot for capturing a few images. The middle one is usable for Viewbug I think.

Later on I got us on the right road which was US 85 S. After a while I needed to take a break and stretch my legs so I pulled over at this roadside table. Then, I noticed this old road. After studying it a few moments I realized it's the former US 85 from before the section I was driving on. This was what you would have driven on in the 1940's. Rather narrow compared to today's road standards.
The next image after I panned right to capture some of the adjoining scenery.

That's it for now. Have a great day and try to enjoy your life.

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