Monday, February 13, 2012


A compliment can go a long ways when you are trying to connect with someone. It what I do when quite often when I am meeting someone the first time. People like to be appreciated wherever in the world that you are at. How this relates to an interview is a comment like "I'm glad to be here today". Or "I'm glad to have met you today". It sounds enthusiastic and warm which helps you to connect to the interviewer. This will only help you to be more successful while you are hunting for a job. Just don't overboard with it though, a little goes a long way. You could even say at an appropriate place "I'm glad you brought that up, here's what I did"!
Notice how that last example is used as a lead in to a story that demonstrates an important point you are trying to make. The interviewer will now be more receptive to what you are saying because of the compliment. While it doesn't work every time it is a technique that will help shorten your job searches considerably. Interviews are quite often just as stressful for the interviewers as they are for you. The use of a well placed compliment can put the interviewer at ease and improve your chances.

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