Thursday, February 16, 2012

Your personal brand

Two of my favorite groups are still going strong after many years. I'm talking about Iron Maiden and Rush. Both of these groups are still putting out albums that do very well without radio airplay. They still sell out entire stadiums in concerts wherever they play at. Even if you don't care for the music they play you still have to respect what they've accomplished. When you think about it they've both very successfully created excellent branding. So, what brand have you created for yourself? This is one of the keys I found to be one of the keys that shortens a job search.
The idea that I might have a personal brand that would then market me to employers. This was something that was truly enlightening for me and gave me a whole new outlook. With a brand it definitely shortens your search, it also directs every aspect of how you interact with others. In my case I began by writing down the particular assets I wanted to get across to someone. With this list I now had an image that I wanted to show others, especially employers. Anything that didn't fit into the image I wanted to present I then eliminated wherever possible. This included my resume, my mannerisms, speech and dress that would make an impression.
By creating the image that you want to present it does nothing but help you. It guides the perception that you have of yourself and what an employer sees when they take a look. This is a very important key to shortening your job search. It helps you to polish your presentation to the point that it shines. There is no one else that is exactly the same as you are in the entire world. This also is a part of building your personal brand, those special qualities that you alone bring.

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