Friday, February 17, 2012

It takes more than a resume

To get a job really takes having a good well written resume and a lot of other things. They all need to be working in unison for you to be successful. Let one of the many go astray and chances will be diminished I'm afraid to say. How you act, your attitude and the way you're dressed are all important items. Every one of them are equally important. One of the easiest to take care of is your attitude, this is the main one you can control no matter what.
There was a movie called "The Pursuit Of Happiness" that hit a cord with me. His attitude was that he was going to succeed and he did. The main character was homeless, had to sleep in a few public restrooms with his child. There were times he also had to go to the rescue mission with his Son in tow. During the interview I just loved his attitude, it's no wonder he go the job. Even better, he became one of the best at selling investments that the company had ever seen. He also had the farthest to come for any of the salesman that the company had.

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