Monday, March 12, 2012

An age statement

Being an older worker myself (over 45) age can be an issue for many employers. From personal experience if the subject comes up it would be best to expect you're not getting the job. This happened to me when I applied for an apprentice position as a helper in a local cabinet shop. What I had done to get the interview call was send a picture of a bench I had built that is on our porch in response to the ad. As a part of this approach I didn't send a resume, for such positions this kind of approach will definitely work. While I will admit that he had valid reasons why he had brought the issue up that I happen to agree with it was still depressing. In most jobs however, this subject shouldn't come up unless you are attempting to get a job far below your potential. Let's say you've been a manager at a fortune 500 company, they will probably bring it up if you're going for a job at a fast food restaurant unless it's for a management position.

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