Friday, May 4, 2012

Peek at the future

From what I was just seeing on the news the unemployment rate has dropped a bit more to 8.1%. It's beginning to look much better if you are needing to look for a job, know a couple of people that have had fairly short job searches in fact. Even according to a study that was conducted a few weeks ago employers are going to be hiring more college graduates than they have the last couple of years. All in all, the news is good.

Make sure you've updated your resume, at least upload it again to Careerbuilder and Monster. That way it gets refreshed and you will have the greatest possibility of a call from a job recruiter. Believe me, you want as many of those calls you can get except for when you are in the middle of an interview which has happened before.

Luckily I had remembered to turn the phone on to silence all most of the time when that has happened. About the only consolation for me is the fact that some of those were for selling vacuum cleaners. Don't really want to get a job selling vacuum cleaners door to door to tell you the truth.

However, there was a time or two that I forgot to turn down the ringer on my cell phone. Your best bet when this happens is for you to ignore your phone when this happens. That's what I did during the interview for the AAA Member Services Northern California call center job that I was successful at. I ended up working there 7 months until the call center closed and relocated in Oklahoma.

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