Thursday, May 3, 2012

This years garden

I was just out weeding the rows of organic lettuce and carrots. They are beginning to come up very nicely. Between some of the rows there are also Cosmos growing. They had went to seed and had spread all over the garden area. We did try to collect most of the seeds but didn't entirely succeed. Still, it will be good that some of the Cosmos are growing in amongst the vegetables.

Cosmos grow to a height of around 4 feet tall, a little over 1 meter for my friends outside the US. What they will do is provide shade for the lettuce and carrots. Last year, the only shade provided was from the fence-line on the west side of the lot. That's also where the biggest lettuce plants was. While the lettuce does like a lot of sun there is such a thing as too much. We also planted tomatoes this year also, can't really tell entirely on the ones from seed. They look a bit like the Cosmos that seeded themselves.

The couple of all ready started plants that we picked up from Kmart aren't doing so well. The bell pepper plant looks pretty good though. There is also a nice patch of about a dozen garlic plants started. I'm so looking forward to dehydrating the garlic cloves and turning them into garlic powder.

When we got the house, the lot had been covered with weeds which of course went to seed. Last year we had to do a lot of weeding to do. This year, not so much. It is definitely becoming easier. Also, with all of the vegetable scraps that have been buried the garden is becoming very fertile. It's also higher than the surrounding ground, 2 to 3 inches. Next spring I'll probably begin turning parts into raised beds, I've already began that process with boards inserted at the bottom of the fence-line. I'm so looking forward to our first salad.
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