Thursday, May 17, 2012

Treasure of Egypt by Barbara Ivie review

5* I'm having a hard time putting it down to tell you the truth, it will keep you up late. I want to just keep reading because it's just so very fascinating. It really draws you into the story very quickly as it moves you right along. Barbara has written a really excellent action adventure book that appeals to me very much as a reader. This is a really great book from a master storyteller. I can definitely recommend it to anyone. I'm looking forward to reading more from her, she's extremely talented at weaving a great tale. It wraps you up in it and won't let you go until you finish it and then you'll go looking for more.

Description: Journey to the land of the Pharaohs in this lighthearted humorous tale,

where the search for lost treasure digs up more than a little danger.

In the year 1863, a time when the whole world was seeking Egypt's secrets, an ancient map, leading to the greatest treasure known to man, resurfaces. As luck would have it, Lord Alecsian Brighton wins the mottled old scrap of parchment in one of London's most notorious gaming hells, along with its ominous curse.

Despite the allure of treasure, Alec has no real interest in gallivanting across the Egyptian countryside in order to find it. He isn't even persuaded by his friend and cohort, Samuel's enthusiastic zeal. It's only his mother's escalating interest in his marital status that gives an extended vacation sudden appeal.

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