Sunday, September 9, 2012

Text to Speech

One powerful tool for any author is to hear their manuscript being read to them. This is what helped me to get straight A's on term papers while in college. For me, it doesn't help so much to hear myself read it out loud. What makes a difference for me is to hear the computer read it out loud. It’s amazing, I can actually hear where a comma needs to be in a sentence. I wonder if Arthur C Clarke would let me use HAL for a while… LOL!

Presently, I have a free text to speech add-in for Word 2010 called WordTalk. It seems to work pretty well and I'll be going over a couple of my books that are already out this winter. One text to speech add-in that is really good that I've used in the past is Dragon Naturally Speaking. While the one I have now is pretty good, Dragon I'll admit is better.

I wish I could find one for my Blackberry but I haven't been successful finding one that works well. The ones I’ve gotten so far do a word or two, mostly helping with pronunciation. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll find one for the netbook. It's just so underpowered but it has been useful creating rough drafts at least.

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