Friday, May 31, 2013

Behind the scenes, Jacquie Wentworth.

It's always interesting to find out where an idea for a character comes from. Each of the characters in Rip Tide has some basis in something else. The particular character, Jackie Wentworth, is one of the intended victims once Jack the Ripper possesses my antagonist, Phineas Smith, who is an author.

One of those origins would be, "Tomorrow We'll See," by Sting. It was on the album, "Brand New Day," the  same one that, "Desert Rose," came on.  Anyways, "Tomorrow We'll See is an interesting song that you should listen to some time and here's a live version of it that is on YouTube.

Here's the lyrics by themselves:

Sting is in drag plying the world's oldest trade in this song and he goes in depth about it. I don't think I'll ever forget the surprise of listening to the song the first time and I realized what the lyrics meant. Of course, I turned the character into something radically different by the time I was done. The original idea mixed with other things like an inferiority complex and my character just happens to be a transsexual. It made for a character that was truly different and just like Sting states about his song, Jacquie was a little outside of my comfort zone but if you don't push your limits you don't find out what your potential is.

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