Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rip Tide, Ch 1 Excerpt

Turning the corner quickly he ran into a Bobbie just about knocking him over.
The officer studied him carefully with narrowed eyes, “you’re really in a hurry this early morning aren’t you?”
“Ah, yes I am.”
“Are you in a hurry to get home to the better half maybe?”
“I just might be at that.”
“Well, you don’t look like you’ve had too much to drink or I’d have to take you in just maybe.”
“No need for that officer. I’m quite sober.” He involuntarily looked down at his front as he hoped there wasn’t any blood splatter showing on his coat. While he had been careful to start on the opposite side of her neck to bleed her out some could have gotten on his clothes.
“Can’t be too careful in this neighborhood and you need to slow down a little.”
His attention wavered a moment as he observed a woman who was lying on the sidewalk appearing to be asleep. Next to her, a child had their head nestled on the woman’s forearm. Both were wearing ragged clothes that had seen better days. Obviously, they hadn’t been able to come up with the four pence for a room for the night that was common in the area’s doss houses. He tapped the woman’s foot with his Billie club, “hey, love are you okay there?”
“Yes, I’ll slow it down from now on. I like to take walks early in the morning when the streets are almost empty as it helps me to think.”
The Bobbie only nodded as an unintelligible grunt escaped from the woman as she turned in her sleep and opened her eyes. The child nestled on her arm moaned softly.
Sighing, the Bobbie looked at Jeremy, “well, be off now with you and watch where you’re going.”
Realizing he just got lucky he continued on his way down the street, “good day to you man.” He resisted the urge of stopping at the next doorway and watching the Bobbie as he made his rounds. Then he heard indistinct shouts from the street he had just walked down. Checking over his shoulder surreptitiously he picked up the pace now that he seemed to be out of sight. There was no telling when the cop would put two and two together and would figure out where he had been.

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