Monday, September 23, 2013


We've had quite a bit of rainfall for a little while, got more last night. Several inches of rain fell during September which is not normal for Colorado Springs. I was wondering if the garden was going to survive or not. It's probably affected the tomatoes and the bell peppers a little because the weather's been cooler than it would normally be.
There's been a lot of weed killer used in the mobile home park where I live. Because of that stuff in the ground it's been very difficult to grow many things that you would normally grow in a garden like tomatoes and bell peppers. Last year no peppers and only a couple of tomatoes. The year before, none. So far, no peas or green beans. They just won't grow. Maybe one day though.

This year they've grown quite well. We have waist high tomato plants that are loaded with fruits and boy are they good. It looks the chemicals have started to reduce enough they aren't affecting as much as they had been. Maybe next year we'll finally get some peas growing. One can hope.

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