Sunday, March 16, 2014


     In a couple of days I should start adding the R-13 insulation in the livingroom. I think I've got a doable way to do it. Before we bought the house someone had installed a drop ceiling in the livingroom and the kitchen. The space between the actual ceiling and the top of the drop ceiling is about five inches. 
     Basically there's the right amount of room for insulation intended for 2 x 4 walls, I'll need to make sure the suspension wires will be better attached. The drop ceiling is kind of in waves because it wasn't quite done right. I'll make sure I take some photos while I'm working on it and post them here on the blog.
     I'm figuring this spring and summer it should keep the house a little cooler with the additional insulation. I'm also figuring it should help lower the total propane bill next winter since the place will be easier to heat. The insulation was the easiest and cheapest thing I could do honestly. 

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