Friday, May 27, 2016

Building shots.

Yesterday my MIL was getting her teeth pulled. For a little bit I went outside of the building and began to notice the way the clouds were reflecting on the glass. It looked interesting and the building reminded me loosely of the Flatiron Bldg in NYC. Here's my first shot. 

Not being entirely happy with my first frame I moved a bit and recomposed.

Studying the building a bit I decided to focus on the one side of the building.

This is the one I was happiest with of the four.

My phone is a LG G4. It takes 13 megapixel pictures. It doesn't do too bad though pretty much everything is automatic unlike a lot of cameras. You can get it to focus on a particular part of the framing. It also has a fairly decent zoom except I'm not a fan of the way it interpolates the pixels if you zoom in a lot. It also has very few image controls, like the F stop you want. Despite the limitations photographs from my cell phone have won a few awards, though not as many as with my Fuji.
Beyond those issues the composition really is pretty similar to what I do with my Fuji. Most of the time I even have the rule of thirds lines up on the screen. Those were lined up on the tops of the windows of the bottom two floors in the last frame.
When I first discovered a love of photography was when I was a courier many years ago. I had a Yashica SLR at the time. I'd do a very few frames. Film processing, and having large prints done, was rather expensive as I recall. I entered a large print of an Iris as I recall in a 4H art competition in Holly, CO. My image won third place. It made me realize I might have a bit of a talent in photography. 
Later on the costs involved was bothering me. I wasn't making much money at the time so I dropped photography for a few years. I rediscovered it via a Polaroid digital camera after Patricia passed away in 2002. It had very low resolution of something like 1.2 megapixel. Really an awful camera but it was one of the first available to consumers and I could afford to do a lot of images which I did on the ranch I was living at during that time. I look at them on a computer though. 
It opened a world of wonder to me. I captured sunsets, the horses, life on the ranch, and some of the parks around Colorado Springs. I didn't care about entering any of the resulting images in any of the photo competitions though. Over several months I upgraded cameras and I think the best camera of the time I had was a 2 megapixel Vivitar with a 3x optical zoom which expanded my capabilities quite a bit. It was the first decent camera I had since the Yashica SLR and was one of the best available at the time to the average person. 
Now my Fuji is very comparable to the Yashica on image quality. It takes really good images though I'd like a few additional settings though that are only available on DSLR's however. Believe me I do look at what's on the market but haven't quite decided yet to splurge like that. Photography is mainly a hobby for me, after all, and it's hard to justify the expense when you aren't making any money at it.
If you look at my book covers some time you'll notice photographs on the covers of several of the books. I shot most of them with a 7 megapixel Canon. It made it a bit cheaper when I needed a book cover as I didn't have to pay for the licensing of the image. After I quit writing a year and half ago I upgraded cameras once more and got the Fuji which is my main camera now.
Have a great day. Hope you enjoyed my reminiscing today.

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