Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Day

Memorial Day here in the US is for remembering those who served, and died, in combat. Some really went through hell and their sacrifice should always be remembered, not just on Memorial Day.
For Memorial Day I decided I wanted to photograph the memorial at Memorial Park here in Colorado Springs which I did yesterday. The memorial has some very interesting curves and angles. It was cloudy, and it had been raining a little earlier, which I felt would accentuate the somber feeling I was experiencing.
Here is the first frame. Not bad framing with the anchor in front of the main memorial.

I like exploring my subject further however so I continued on. For my second frame I decided to get a little closer to the main memorial.

Noticing the flag I decided to get even closer so I could get it better in the image.

This I think is the best of the bunch. About half a meter from where I shot the last one I pointed the camera up and got down on my knees.

These three seemed to line up nicely.

This is the same anchor from the first frame. After looking it over I decided to get down on the grass and frame the image using the chain as a main element. I think it's my second best image of the day.

I photographed the memorial one last time.

That's it for now, have a great day. 

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