Monday, May 23, 2016

Hi there!

This is Pikes Peak from just before our trip. I shot it from the parking lot where I work. It probably would have been a little better if I'd used the polarizer filter to bring out more of the blue in the sky. 

We have plans to go to several places in the coming weeks. One is seven bridges trail in North Cheyenne canyon. It's been several years since I was on that trail last. I'm thinking Susan should be able to hike it with me. She has no cartilage in her knees so she can only hike the easy trails wherever we're at.
One of the things that's happened with me is apparently I have the start of skin cancer. I've been having to use a chemo cream, Fluorouracil, on my forehead, and temples. The particular condition is called Actinic Keratoses. Over many years you build up damage from too much sun. Eventually it turns into something that sounds really nasty, Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Having looked at pictures of it it looks really nasty too. My second two week round with the chemo cream starts on Friday.
While you're are using the cream your breaks out where the skin is damaged. It looks like a chemical burn, and I guess it is. I still have a couple of small scabs as of this morning from the last two week round. In my case they are mostly on my temples. I do have to wear a hat all the time so I bought a cool looking fedora to wear outdoors. Your skin where you're using the cream gets even more sensitive to sunburn, and further damage. I can expect the skin cancer to come back in another year, or two. I'll have a regular dermatologist from now on, and the one I have now is pretty cool.
One benefit, other than with my skin cancer, is that the hat helps shade the viewfinder on my camera better. I also get a lot of compliments on the hat which is nice.
Until next time have a good day. I need to head out the door shortly so I can go to work.

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