Friday, July 29, 2016

Lake Manitou Park

North of Woodland Park a few miles is Lake Manitou Park. It has a very nice trail system that rings the lake. Quite scenic in places and it's managed by BLM. There is a charge for the use of the park. In our case the fee was $3, though you'll pay $6 if you don't have an old fart discount however. 
There's several picnic areas where I shot a few of the images of the rock outcroppings. Last year when I shot it last I didn't get the rock outcroppings as well. Of course I wasn't using the circular polarizer, and ND filters at the time. Being basically a point and shoot on steroids both sets of filters are necessary. On manual the camera only gives me two f/stops to use so I'm pretty much reaching the limits of what it's capable of doing. It does at least give me lots of shutter speed settings however.
This is some of the first I've shot with the Stitz video tripod. Apparently they were made in the 1980's so basically I'm using a collectors item for photography these days. It's incredibly stable and built for a much heavier camera. Back in those days the camcorders were several pounds, and used VHS tapes.
About the only negatives so far is the fact there's no bubble level, like there is on most still camera tripods. It also doesn't allow vertical format images. I'll need to get an L-bracket one of these days so I can add that capability.
Without further ado here are what I feel are the best images.

Have a great and try to enjoy your life.

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