Sunday, July 31, 2016

Old bridge

The old bridge in the photo has always interested me, especially since I'm a bit of a historian. When you see it with less vegetation you can see where the couple of spans ends so it's now a bridge to nowhere. I'll note it's not real easy to get to the place where I shot the image at. Pretty good image though.
The stream is Fountain Creek. Where the bridge appears to be is at the end of what's presently Mountview Ln when you look at it on Google Earth.

Being curious I've always wondered when the bridge was a bridge people used. I looked up maps from 1909, 1949, 1951, and 1961. The bridge came up on the 1949, and 1951 maps. I was thinking it was destroyed during the floods of 1965 but it was not. 
Below is a screenshot of part of the 1951 map. It's just left of the R in Roswell. The road going north from there I believe is present day Mark Dabling Blvd.
One point of note on the map is Pikeview Station where the power plant is today. The red line to the left of the station is present day Nevada Blvd. To the left of the red line you'll see a bunch of buildings marked. Those were the Anderson film company which also was an aircraft manufacturing company until the early '30's. They, however, went into advertising from then until I think in the 1970's.
Nichols Field is the other one. Doing a little research when you flew to Colorado Springs on Pan Am you landed at Nichols Field in the 1920's. It was basically the main airport though there was about 20 other airfields in the area.
I'm hoping you enjoyed this little foray into local history. Have a great day and enjoy life.

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