Saturday, August 6, 2016


This is the results of the last half of my shooting at Monument Lake. I hope you enjoy. There are three springs that feeds into the lake and this is the stream coming from one of them.

Normally I don't bother with macros too much. I'm not a fan of the vignetting that occurs which is very visible at the corners of this frame. That became more of an issue when I added the filter adapter to the Fuji. Hopefully it won't be much of an issue with the Canon T6 I just ordered.

I was hiking up the main stream coming into the lake when I spotted this Great Blue Heron. I think I captured him well.

I did photograph this picnic table before but not as close. The amount of water in the stream has lessened with the summer which allowed me to get further over on the sand bar that's formed.

Love this old building. It sits near the road coming in to the parking area and overlooks the lake. I'm half tempted to turn this image into a black and white for uploading to Viewbug on Monday.

This is the second Great Blue Heron of the day. I think I captured his best side in this image.

Thank you for checking out the pics. Have a great and try to enjoy your life.

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