Friday, December 16, 2011

Hiring plans

It looks like the best numbers since 2008 on Manpowers hiring intentions survey. 9% of employers in the US are planning to hire in the first quarter of 2012. This is a really good sign for the economy as a whole and some of the best hiring news if you're looking for a job. The only industry that is not hiring at all based on the survey is the construction industry. My viewpoint on the construction industry is that it will many more years before it recovers.

Mining, leisure and hospitality are the largest areas that are planning on hiring. In my own personal survey motels and hotels seem to be doing very well this winter compared to the last two years. It was nice to see agreement between Manpowers nationwide and my local survey done here in Colorado Springs. In my present retail field the outlook is in the average of 9% new openings. Manufacturing was at a 4% of all employers having hiring plans. It looks like based on what I see in the survey my primary employment targets would be nearby hotels and motels.

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