Monday, December 12, 2011

Job openings

Some of what I base my predictions on is the quantity of openings that are available. Years ago I set up email notifications with Beyond, Monster and Careerbuilder. In fact I receive multiple from each job board some days. These emails cover the entire front range of Colorado and some of the mountains. In June I remember only 1-2 jobs posted in each email. Now there are 6-7 postings per day. This tells me that the job market is improving dramatically this year compared to earlier in the year.

Of the jobs I'm seeing posted there is a definite change also. In June most of the postings were for commission only sales positions. Presently, about half of the postings are for full time permanent employment, another roughly 25%-35% are for part time temp positions. The rest needless to say are for commissioned sales positions. Yes, the job market is getting better which I'm very happy about.

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