Thursday, December 15, 2011

Unemployment headed lower

Into 2012 unemployment will continue to head lower and it will be easier to find a job. I also have noticed that mortgage rates have started increase a bit, so has loan rates. Personally, I feel that the two go hand in hand, loans and employment. Taking a look at the economics most people borrow based on how much their house is worth. Since housing prices dropped so much the average persons net worth also dropped which lowered the amount they could borrow. This reduced the amount of total money in the economy and the amount to employ someone.

Late in 2007 our credit system actually came to a halt for a bit. How I found this out was getting a job at a new Apple help desk. I went through all three interviews successfully, received a job offer and had a start date set. About a week before I was to begin work though the position fell through because Apple was unable to get credit. When a large company like Apple can't get credit you have some serious economic issues and you will have a period of high unemployment. This also occurred during the 1930's so I do correlate the two together.

Since 2007 mortgage rates have dropped a lot along with home prices and it appears they have both bottomed out. This is good for the employment market with the ability for employers to get credit improved. What this will mean is that in 2012 and beyond your chances of finding a job and keeping it. So take heart, everything will be getting better on your chances in the job market.

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