Thursday, December 29, 2011

A look into the future

To look into the future you need to look into the past and then you can extrapolate what may happen. This is something that I learned years ago when I was learning how to work on computers in a correspondence course. I simply looked at what computing was in 1974 and what computing was in 1994 when I was taking the course. The thing that noticed was the fact that the 1974 computer was rather large and couldn't do too much. The 486 that I had in 1994 could actually do more and there was also a size difference in the two. By extrapolating I envisioned that a computer would eventually be something that you could hold in your hand and pretty much do everything. Smart phones and tablets are definitely living up to the promise that I dreamed all of those years ago.

While there are some that will disagree with where I think computing will be headed. I'm forseeing that we will have neural interfaces, that we will have our computers inside us instead of something we carry. Some people will be a bit scared of that thought, that you won't be able to be disconnected ever. In fact I think that if you aren't constantly connected in this way you won't be able to find a job in 2030.

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