Friday, February 10, 2012

A lack of skills

This article in the Washington Post definitely shows the magnitude of the problem. There are many out there that don't have the skills that particular employers are looking for. Another rather large group never finished high school which greatly diminishes chances also. There are some ways around it though that I can recommend from personal experience. I've done beta testing which I then listed as job experience for a six month period which filled the hole nicely. Because of having it there I was able to get three different jobs even though the beta testing was unpaid. While beta tests are not available all of the time they are a good choice for some.
There are some other things also that will work nicely to fill a resume void. Donating some time at a local food bank or church can also be listed as work experience. This is especially true after a couple of weeks of helping one day per week. Once I helped out a few times at the local soup kitchen. While I wasn't needing to fill a resume hole at the time I could have, I could have gotten some reference contacts too. Just make sure you get someone's name and number if you do this though as an employer will want to check it out. That's just part of the background check process that just about every employer does these days. Well, I do hope that helps you to find a paid position.

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