Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thank you notes

These will definitely help in getting you selected from the other candidates for a position. There is a concept that is called the "Law Of Reprocity" that can motivate and guide behavior. That is where a thank you note comes into play when it comes to whether you are hired or not. Basically if I treat you in a certain way then I want to be treated accordingly by you. This makes perfect sense when you think about it, making an extra effort leading to a new job. It doesn't take all that long to write a thank you note or a letter of appreciation either.
Take a few minutes of your time to write a thank you note preferably addressed to the interviewer. There were many times on my own job hunts that it made all the difference. I walked out with a new job and feeling like I was walking on air ready to jump for joy. All you need in the note is a couple of sentences in total. You simply thank the interviewer for their time for that day. Of course, a second sentence would usually state that I looked forward to a future with that company. Usually I kept a generic note ready that I would then address to the interviewer where possible.
This will make all the difference in your job hunt, you will be so much more successful. There was more than once having done that I would get called back for a second interview also. That is something that makes this activity of writing thank you notes an important part of a job search. It has made me successful at getting jobs and it can definitely help you too. Remember, your success is something that is up to you and no one else. You can take control of the situation and no longer let it control you.

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