Monday, February 6, 2012

Paying for job listings

There are numerous sites that charge job seekers for listings of openings. My short answer is "Don't Do It". I can easily understand the frustration you are feeling with hunting for jobs these days. Sometimes it seems like your applications/resumes are just falling into a black hole. Nobody is seeing them or better yet responding to what you've submitted. I'll admit I sometimes even liked receiving the negative responses from employers. That at least let me know that someone actually looked over my submittal. It also let me know that I was no longer being considered for a position, I could expend efforts elsewhere.
There was once many years I was living in Pueblo, Colorado. The steel mill had just about closed down completely that was in town due to a strike. Because of this there were a lot of job seekers all seeking employment at the same time. Needless to say it was hard to find jobs at the time in that city much like the rest of the US the last few years. Because I was having a hard time finding a job I answered a local ad for paid job listings. I think I paid something like $20 at the time for the listing list. Most of the postings were really outdated on that list I paid for.
All I managed to do was spend what was a lot of money at the time that I didn't have. If I hadn't been as frustrated as I was I probably wouldn't have done it. Still, it was a learning experience, a painful one, but it was still painful. I'll never make the same mistake again and counsel others not to either. As I recall, the list company went out of business two months after I paid for my list. After asking around I found out a lot of people that paid for lists weren't getting results just like me. So, take warning and learn from my experience and don't pay for employment listings because you don't need to.

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