Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Search engines

There are many out of which I have a favorite one, Indeed.com. Indeed pulls in help wanted listings from multiple sites include HireDiversity, Monster, CareerBuilder and many others. There are times I remember seeing postings from 20+ sites. There are even trending tools so that it is easier to tell who is hiring which can save a lot of aggravation. While Indeed is a great place to find openings there is one thing I will note. The openings won't be posted on Indeed first from personal experience. In some cases it will be 1-2 days after the openings posted on the original site. This unfortunately can cost you and reduce your success rate in finding a new position. What I will recommend is that you check the original site for the posting date of that opening. Still, that being said it will save you a lot of time using Indeed as a primary search engine to find openings. Happy hunting.

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