Saturday, March 3, 2012

Help at the library

For a while I didn't have a PC available or even mobile web on a phone. This made it extremely difficult for me to apply for a job. It also made it very difficult to receive calls from employers when they wanted to call me for an interview. This is where the library came in to be very useful for my job search. Most (but not all) libraries have PC's set up with internet access so that you can apply to jobs. You can also get an email address though I think most people have one and you can check your email. They also have free classes at many libraries in Office, internet usage and many others. Also, if you need to de-stress a bit many also have yoga classes. Of course, there also are many books available on writing cover letters, resumes and many other aspects of the job hunt. This can help you a lot so that you can be successful in finding that new position.

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