Sunday, February 26, 2012

Online interviewing

One thing that might become an integral part of the employment process is online interviewing. I've begun seeing some things about needing a web cam as part of your computer set up. If you're using a tablet computer it probably is already set up and is ready to use. A home computer, this probably won't be the case and you would then have to purchase one. On setting it up so that you can be ready it really depends on the position applied for. I would think that sales positions and some IT positions it might be a good idea.
I've personally been in a couple of chat room based interviews which I'll admit were rather confusing. It adds a level of difficulty when in one of these chat room interviews where 50 are involved in the interview. There was a big move to centralizing hiring processes at a lot of companies. The person that hired you might very well be in another state and was in a couple employers I worked for. With the recent increase in hiring that's beginning to change so I don't know if it will be the wave of the future. It just best to be prepared for any possible type of interview that could happen.

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