Saturday, February 25, 2012

Skills lists

One thing helped me a lot when I began deciding on a career was making a two column list. I will also admit it helped when writing my resume and basic cover letter. Also, it helped me to prepare for the interviews that I knew would be coming. Simply glean through a number of openings in your chosen target employment field. Make a column of the particular skills that you find listed. Next make a column list of what you have to offer to an employer. Where the two sets of entries matches is where you focus your future efforts.
With this list laying beside an interview question book was very helpful. I was able to build answers for the questions that probably would be asked during an interview. It removed a lot of stress from the process by going through the list and the preparation. Also, it increased the amount of calls for interviews since I was able to better prepare submittals. There is also the fact that by focusing my search better I had a greater tendency of not applying to some jobs. Later on I didn't need to carry the written list any longer as I had memorized it. Hopefully, you'll have the same happen also. Even better, I hope you won't need the list for very long.

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