Monday, February 20, 2012

Mock interviews

One of my best techniques was to interview myself in front of a mirror. I would make sure that I was paying attention to the way I moved and sat. This really helped big time when I was getting myself ready for interviews I knew would come. I didn't just do that though, I also conducted a few mock interviews. What was most helpful was the critiques that would come, man they were useful. Probably the main issue was finding someone who had time for conducting mock interviews with me. So, I would end up in front of the mirror again interviewing myself.
At your unemployment office occasionally you can have mock interviews conducted. Another place is at a business school, some of the students will mock interview to get the practice or so I've heard. Twice, I even had a minister from a church give me a mock interview. His I'll say was the least helpful and we don't have a business school where I live. The most helpful for me was the unemployment office. Just be aware that the individuals there have a limited amount of time to work with you. They will probably only have enough time for two to three questions. Nonetheless, mock interviews can help a bit when you can conduct them.

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