Thursday, February 23, 2012

Portable computers

Most smart phones these days are like having a pocket sized desktop computer. I'm writing this article in fact with a Blackberry Curve. Love the thing a lot in fact, pretty much do everything on it. I can even apply to many jobs wherever I am at which is exceedingly useful. It means that I'm connected wherever I am which also means I can be reached wherever I am. If I wanted to it means I can eliminate home service (which I have) and a home internet connection (I have wireless broadband). With eliminating wired connections we've reduced our costs of living which is important when job hunting.
Now, I will note that throughput on our internet connections is somewhat slower than what we used to have. That's okay though in my opinion, I can still keep track of the finances easier. Also searching for jobs becomes more mobile as does applying for those jobs. Smart phone plans have gotten cheaper more recently and you can do more than you used to be able to do on the phones. For the best value you need a monthly service plan of some sort. At the present I am using Cricket but most providers have similar prepaid service.

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