Friday, July 6, 2012

Cauldron (a writing experiement)

The caldron sat ready on the table next to the open spell book. Its leather binding and parchment pages were well worn from the years of its usage. Shadows were dancing on the rock walls in time with candles flickering flames.

Carefully consulting the spell that was written in some ancient script Brandolyn double checked the ingredients. After she was satisfied she had the right ones she began to create the spell. A bit of this and a bit of that was thrown into the caldron.

Waiting for a reaction that didn't seem to be happening she frowned as she peered into the caldron. A little greenish glow then began to appear from within the depths. It became brighter until the glow began to shine light like a lantern, the shadows on the walls disappearing.

Tendrils of greenish threads that were almost smoke like began to escape from the caldron. On the table they began to puddle and form into a shape that was quickly getting larger. While the glowing threads began to take the shape of a human, Brandolyn began to laugh. Her cackling echoed off of the rock walls enclosing the space. 

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