Thursday, July 5, 2012

On writing fiction

Since I've changed what I'm writing I've learned some new things about myself, things I never really expected to find out. I'll be sitting on the porch writing a rough draft on my Blackberry Curve and I become totally immersed in a scene. It isn't like just being lost in thought, I'm all of a sudden in the middle of whatever it is that I'm writing about. If I wrote sci-fi I suppose it would be much like entering a video game on a PS3.

I'm sure some of those people back in the 1960's that took LSD would have loved to experience something like that. I've talked to a few other authors and they seem to experience the same kind of thing while they are writing.

Well, in a few minutes I'm going to go to the porch and get to writing again while I enter that virtual world that I will be experiencing. Hopefully, I will be able to bring something new to a readers life.

Have a great day.

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