Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Connected life

It's amazing to me how we're always connected constantly these days. Because my Facebook notifications run through my Blackberry's email client I can't seem to get away from them unless I turn off all notifications. I'm not sure I want to either, I'm so used to the constant level of static as a part of my life these days. Soon I guess that will also exist on this Wolvol netbook I'm writing this blog post on. I think it's later this week we'll have the new router here in the house that it can connect to.

Kind of a side note but more than once I've gotten the whim to buy a song or a book with my Blackberry wherever I am. That is a neat possibility but of course it could be very detrimental to someones bank account.

Regardless of how you feel about being constantly connected you can expect it will be to a larger extent in the future. Pretty much you won't be able to find a job without having access to the internet. Of course , for about half of all companies that is the case now. In 5-10 years it will be all I'm positive. That isn't something from sci-fi, I just extrapolated what has happened over the last 10 years. Try to get a job without an email address, very difficult to do now. In 5 years it will be impossible to do. I'm kind of glad that its the way it is now, I would never want to go back to searching through newspapers again.

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