Monday, September 3, 2012

Hello, welcome aboard

(Written for the blog tour,

“Hello, nice to have you here and welcome aboard Sea Witch today. I hope you're comfortable on that little bench you’re sitting on. Please keep your head down, wouldn't want to have the boom swing when the wind changes and knock you out into the water. Off to our right is Roseau, Dominica. We had a lot of fun there when we visited a while back. We even got married at this little chapel up on the hill.”

"What was that?"

“You want me to tell you about me? Okay, my name is Timothy Hutton and I used to own a moving company in Denver. Back then I was also quite abusive to my first wife. Then one day I woke up to the divorce papers she left me. It was the first inkling for me that I had been doing something wrong. Now, I look back and realize that I was really the one at fault, my first wife didn't deserve the way I treated her. I didn't want to admit at first either but I'm so glad I did.”

“I went through a realization I had issues and decided to make some major changes. From that point in my life I left it all behind and have been having the time of my life in the Caribbean. I even found someone new and there she is sitting up in the bow. From the moment I had first seen her I knew I wanted her in my life. Cherise has meant the world to me, I'm so glad she came aboard that day and became a part of my life.”

“I'm never going back again to the person I used to be, I'm just not that man anymore. I really have found a better way of living for me, one with the waves and the wind. Sailing the Caribbean opened up a whole new world for me. It’s so great to feel the wind in my hair and the feel of the boat moving with the waves.”

“Oh cool, check it out! There are some dolphins swimming right now alongside the bow. I really love how they move through the water. Don't they almost look like they're dancing together? It’s nice to meet you again and I’d better pay attention to where we are going.”

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