Saturday, September 8, 2012

Welcome back

"Welcome back. Glad to see you on board with us again. The weather sure has been nice today for sailing. On the horizon though I've been seeing some clouds beginning to build that I need to keep an eye on so we don’t end up in trouble. Do you see them hanging low over there?"
This was done for the blog tour.

"Hey Cherise, our visitor is back! Why don't you come over and say hi to our visitor?”

“She’s not coming over I guess. I don't know why but she really likes to sit in the bow most of the time we're moving. Well, it was nice that she at least waved at you."

"Would you like to see where we are exactly right now? Come with me and we'll check the Loran and the charts. Quite an amazing thing that Loran is, it tells you right where you're at. Watch your head as you come in the hatch as the opening is kind of low. Wouldn't want you to bang your head, we're kind of used to having to duck our heads by now."

"Here's the stack of charts, let's pull out the right one for where we're at. There it is, the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. See the read out on the Loran unit here; it gives you the latitude and longitude for where you are at. I guess it works on towers on the shore and the way the signal crosses. Beyond that I don't know but it’s pretty accurate."

"Now you just take those numbers and find out where they land on the chart. See, we're right here it looks like we have about 80 nauts further to go to Christiansted. I don't know exactly what that figures out to in miles."

"Oh yeah, it is a pretty small space isn't it? Guess they couldn't make the galley any larger given the size of the boat. It's only 20 feet long and 7 feet wide but it has everything we need including a stove and of course this small table."

"You're leaving us again so soon? Well, it’s nice seeing you again and I'd better get back to the wheel and check the compass to make sure we're on course. Have a great day."

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