Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ryder on the Storm

It began with tragedy….
Continued with rebirth…..
Intensified with an uncovered past….
Faithful friends with secrets of their own….
How will it all end?

Storm Sullivan has fought for the right to live with the man she loves, surrounded by friends and free of the ever-looming shadows of her family’s ancient enemy. A life she never thought possible is the only one she wants. Can Storm find a way to end an ancient feud without losing everything she holds dear? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to the Emerald Seer Saga – END OF THE NIGHT – coming 2013.

The adventure begins with RYDER ON THE STORM available where ebooks are sold.

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An excerpt from RYDER ON THE STORM…


Standing at the long, glass-topped bar of Starlight, scrunched between Dan and Shane, Storm felt safe. Her vision from earlier tucked away in the recesses of her mind, she allowed the thrumming classic rock of the club to ripple through her. Christmas lights twinkled above, lining the ceiling, and below her beneath the plexiglass floor. The same lights trimmed the bar and liquor shelves. Starlight was the hip, new club according to her friends. They were clearly channeling some sort of big hair band vibes this evening forcing Storm to stifle sarcastic comments all evening. She was bored. Other than the music, she found nothing appealing about Starlight. Her foot refused to stop keeping beat to the medley of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Boston, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Okay, so the music struck a chord and the boys had agreed to unload her entire truck and help her unpack if only Storm would accompany them for the night. They even offered to buy her drinks. Her guilt over sending them away coupled with the scrumptious pizza they’d delivered, well, she gave in right quick.

The worst part of the experience had to be the get up they’d produced for her. With all of her clothes packed away in the truck she couldn’t very well argue. Storm dolled herself up - as in completely out of her element. In fact, she looked like a pin-up. Every time Storm caught a glimpse of herself in the enormous floor to ceiling mirrors behind the bar she cringed. It was uncomfortable only for the fact that men were staring at her and the only thing that staved their awkward advances remained her two beautiful companions. Storm felt painfully aware that she was not the typical fare for Starlight; the snug-fitting pencil skirt and off the shoulder top stood out in the crowd of spandex and sequins. Perhaps she’d gone a touch too far with the 20s style coif. She cursed herself for listening to Dan and Shane.

“Stop fidgeting, Storm. You look amazing.” Shane’s whisper tickled her ear and the compliment made her even more uncomfortable. Retreating behind the glass in her hand, Storm eyed her co-dates. She didn’t get it. They could have anybody in the bar; she’d seen the droves of women watching the pair hungrily and shooting her death looks. Still, they flanked Storm, in the middle of the long bar, and fed her drinks and popcorn in attempts to force fun down her throat. Storm mentally checked herself; she had to give them more credit. Dan and Shane were not the average body-building, superficial thugs and she accepted that nobody could call her hideous.

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