Friday, January 25, 2013

Species Intervention #6609 series

I've been getting into this entire series, have found it quite good reading. Normally I won't get into series either. Do recommend getting the entire set and read each one in turn. In this series you do need to read them in order. Would like to see all five books in a boxed set.

It starts in the year 1929 and continues a little over 100 years into the future. Echo is really cool, so is Netty and Abby. There is a lot of action and adventure throughout. It kept me wanting to find out what would be happening. There's even a little bit of romance here and there but not a lot.

Very fast paced, the entire series flows well and each of the books proved to me to be quick reads. In my opinion the amount of detail was just about perfect.



Armageddon Cometh 


The One (to be released)

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  1. This is a great author. Just read my first, couldn't put down, book by her, Echo. Can't wait to get into the next.


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