Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What are your greatest challenges?

Trace Footballbutterfly Greatest challenges??? TIME. There is never enough time. I have more stories and characters and scenarios and quotes than I could ever hope to put into books and that kills me. Sometimes it is all so loud in my head that I can't write/type fast enough to get it all out. My books are the first things I think of in the morning and the themes I fall asleep to at night.

Ryder on the Storm


Lynsee Muse Smith Author Turning writing into a career.

The Citizens

Gillian Schafer I found the greatest challenge as an indie is the formatting. One format for smashwords, one format for Amazon, one format for createspace, one format for Lulu...... You get my meaning. I hate formatting, and as a full independent I do it all myself. It's damn hard work.



Brian Bigelow Writing time is probably the biggest one, many days I only have an hour or two for writing but I always get some writing in. It's almost like a drug for me any more and I have to have it. Must find out what the characters will do and where they go.

Horror Bent

Tammie Clarke Gibbs Finding the right editor

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