Monday, May 5, 2014

Energy savings updates 5 May

Apparently the water heater wrap seems to be doing it's job quite well and seems to have further reduced total energy use. The water heater wrap I did on the 1st which is affecting this fuel delivery. It's amazing this large a change is registering with just some insulation over the kitchen and livingroom and a water heater wrap.

Today's propane delivery was 27 gallons.

My yearly per fill up average has dropped to 47.7 gallons and at the high point in November it was at 54.1 gallons. At the present market price of $2 per gallon I'm up $12.80 savings per fill up. This is a decrease since November of 11.8% or 6.2 gallons. Note that this is a yearly average like all of the deliveries from June 1 through this May so it's pulling in the larger fuel deliveries going back to June last year.

So I could see the amount per month I decided to run another average. This one is the total monthly. In December the Nov/Dec average was 84.3 gallons, the last two months that average has went to 75.6 gallons. That's a pretty similar amount of change. I know there was one additional delivery last June. Anyway, that's also showing a decrease of about 10.3%.

It will drop much further since the last three fill ups have averaged 30.1 gallons each (33.5 April 7, 29.8 April 21, and 27.0 today). This is a huge drop and I know pretty much where the average per fill up is headed to.

The next scheduled fill up is in July I think on the 14th which I'm expecting to be a larger delivery since it will be for several weeks. We'll see but I might make it through the summer without any additional fill ups which do cost a bit more because of the additional delivery fee unless the tank is almost empty. An empty propane tank is very explosive therefore a fire hazard. I think we had two of those extra summer deliveries last year.

On a further note from April 1st through yesterday we're at 10.5 kWh per day which is 2.05 kWh less than last years average. I'm at a 16.3% decrease. Of course it's mainly affected by the furnace being off most of the time. The house is a lot more comfortable also even when it's hot during the day.

I almost can't wait for the windows to be installed on the house. Today I moved one porch roof support from where it was next to my office window to about eight inches away. When they built the porch originally the one corner is adjoined with the one side of the window for my office. Now it won't interfere with the installers which will make their lives easier.

I'd like to add insulation of some kind over the other half of the house but I'm not coming up with an efficient way of doing it. So far the best way I'm coming up is attaching 1 inch thick styrofoam to the ceiling and then adding some texture over it. That has to wait a while anyway.

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