Thursday, May 8, 2014

New phone

     More recently my Blackberry decided to start giving up the ghost. Once again I was having battery and charging issues. It's kind of bad when you are going through your contact list or opening up the browser and the phone shuts down without warning.
     To solve the issue I began looking at other phones. The one I selected is a Kyocera Hydro. Unfortunately it doesn't seem that my provider, Cricket, isn't going with Blackberry devices anymore. In another year the CDMA phones will get completely phased out so I'll be switching again.
     The phone has been really easy to get used to and I had been concerned about that. Just a couple of odd things I'll mention. Be careful going through your contacts or it will dial automatically. There's no media player built in so you'll need to get one from the app store. The one I selected is the free version of Music Pro. 
     I'll note that the phones processor does seem to bog down at times. You'll be waiting several moments for it to finish doing what it's doing. I also got a memory booster since stuff seems to stay and helps to bog down the phone. The one I'm using is Memory Booster Lite. It works nice and fast.

One of the main things I want to be able to do on my phone is make notes and sometimes work on manuscripts. Of all of the books I've published over half were started on my phone. To that end I got QuickOffice from the app store. It ties directly into Google Drive which is wonderful and yes I can modify the documents there easily. It will be nice that I won't have to tether the phone to the computer to transfer a manuscript. Basically I'll be able to start a new Word doc anywhere, save it to the cloud, and open it up on my laptop also. That's beautiful. I'll also note that A7 seems to be the best page size to work with.
     Just imagine for a moment. I'll be able to go to a nearby park, pick a bench, and start writing.
     Probably the worst thing is the on screen keyboard. It'll quite often register me tapping the wrong letter though that autospell feature does seem to address some of that issue. This can be very annoying as you have to back up and replace the letter in question. Having to tap each letter individually is slowing everything up a bit also. To make my life easier I ordered a roll up bluetooth keyboard that should be here soon. 
     I will note that text is rather small. Being near sighted quite often to efficiently look at the phone I was having to take off my glasses. While I was able to modify the size of text in the web browser that hasn't seemed to affect what's in the word processor.
     All in all it's pretty good.

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