Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I received a Kyocera Hydro yesterday. It works really well which surprises me. Here's the phone.

Yes, my service provider is Cricket.


Lots of apps.
Doesn't seem crash prone.
Can open, and edit, Word docs on it.
It will interface with Audible books also.
Basically it will do just about every a 486 desktop would do.

I thought it was going to smudge a lot while touching the screen but it doesn't all that much.

Miss-registers where I'm tapping.
Short battery life. (that could be related to the screen size though.)
Sometimes the processor hangs.

To take care of the on screen keyboard issue I ordered one of  these. I might not be3 working on Inquiso at the moment but that won't always prove. BTW, it's waterproof also.

So far it's looking like this phone could in some instances replace a laptop. That's one of the reasons why I'd gotten the Blackberry.

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