Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bright Spots

One of the biggest bright spots in the US job market the last few years has been farming and farm jobs. These jobs usually do mean that you will be moving to a farm of course as the job is on site. I will tell you though it isn't for a lot of people having done it at one time. There was a horse ranch that I was employed at for 2 years from 2002-2004. Every morning and evening I had to feed the horses, also had to make sure that the horses had water. It was also a part of the job to make sure the horses were healthy to an extent. Also you have to check and repair the fences on a regular basis, I used to do that at least once per week.

Probably the best part of the job is there are no time clocks, you don't ever punch in or out. Of course, there wasn't any days off either which most people aren't really fan of. Though there aren't any days off there are days that there is less to do so they do seem like they are off. There's also a different type of scheduling, you begin to look at everything in a seasonal context. Time changes for the average person on a farm or a ranch, time seems to slow down a bit and no longer runs as fast. There are times this really appeals to me again when my own schedule gets hectic.

As I mentioned, these types of jobs are not for everyone but they can be a good choice for someone who wants a stable job. Just don't expect a lot of pay from the job, a lot of your pay is room and board. You also won't have to worry about paying for utilities, they come with the job. Just imagine, you can eliminate most of your stress with the job. This kind of job can be a great choice for some people, I'm glad that I did it for a while.

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