Friday, January 13, 2012


Having your timing right is always important on a job search. Along with having your timing right you also need to set aside specific blocks of time. What I mean by this is for you to try to set aside specific times for resume editing, job searching. You only then focus on that specific task during that time frame. It will make you more efficient in the long run and with efficiency will come job hunt success. This is something I discovered and have successfully lived in my own life.

Today there many things that can very easily be a distraction if you let them take over. If you are stopping your resume edit because you are also paying attention because of your social network it won't work well. Since your attention is divided you probably won't get a lot of editing done. That applies while I'm writing also, I won't be as efficient writing. The Zen maxim applies here:

When you play, play
When you eat, eat

Etc, you get the point I'm trying to make here. Have a great day and I wish you every success in your job hunt.

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