Monday, January 9, 2012


In 2002 I remember well waking up about 4AM with my wife of time, Patricia was dead next to me. Over the next few hours the ambulance came, the coroner and there were a lot of questions asked. A few days later I went to live on the ranch still lost in shock, I could barely feel anything. As I recall I was barely aware of any of my surroundings. It was like a part of myself had died also that morning. I really don't know how anyone could search for a job when something like that happens.

Going to live on the ranch was probably the best thing that I could have done at that time. Taking care of horses, repairing fences and other various ranch tasks are great therapy. You really have time to think about what you want to do with your life from that point forward. It also gives you a different point of view about everything that you've done. As I came out of the severe loss, found my way out of the darkness I began to come to life. Soon I took up photography and I began writing a lot of poetry.

I'll admit a lot of the poetry was very bad and no one will ever see it. There is a few pieces that I have published in "Into Renewal" however that are pretty good. Writing poetry of all things teaches how to write very efficiently, say a lot with a few words. This is something necessary for a great resume, one that gets you interviews. Living on a ranch also teaches you perseverance and persistence. Both of these traits are also necessary to find a job, to find a career. These are things that I stress because they have helped me to succeed to the present day.

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