Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Job requirements

One thing that will be changing is requirements for getting the job. I'm thinking about this right after reading an article on ZD Net, one of the news sources I like best. You can expect employers to less often provide smart phones and laptops when the job requires it. This means that you have to provide your own in order to do the job or even to get the job. While this has been common in sales positions it will now be a deciding factor for IT positions. It also may be hitting the restaurant industry of all things for at least a few positions.

There's someone that I know that happens to be a cook at a restaurant. All of his orders come through his smart phone from the wait staff, they are also required to have cell phones. In fact it works so much better that they don't use an order printer now or require hand writing orders. This will be coming to other restaurants I think we can expect though maybe not all of them. Anything that helps a business become more efficient and cuts costs will be looked at. The equipment you're required to provide will be one of them.

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