Saturday, January 14, 2012

Are you a leader?

In my own informal surveys I sometimes ask someone how they got their job when they were hunting. Quite often it is the same things, confidence, optimism, a carefully written resume, etc. There are a few companies however that will ask something different like Walmart does. They want to know during the interview if you have ever been in a leadership role. It actually comes up often enough, about 5% of the time that I recommend that you prepare for it.

Once the question is asked you need to be ready with an already prepared answer. Don't do like I did at a Walmart interview and stumble over that question. Although I am a success most of the time when I am looking for a job that time I was not. Usually that kind of a question will come up for any kind of supervisory role you're applying for. It's to be expected for those kinds of positions though I talking here about the unexpected. Always be prepared wherever possible for the unexpected it will go better for you in every job search and guarantee you greater success.

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