Thursday, January 19, 2012

A different tack

A nautical term that applies to job searching is taking a different tack. In sailing, that refers to changing the direction that you are heading at the moment. You might be adjusting the sails, the rudder and a number of other things that has to do with the boat. How this applies to the job hunt is changing a little what you are doing to be more effective. It might be that it seems that your job has seemed to enter a lull where not much is happening. When this happens it's time to have a refresh on what you are doing.

It doesn't hurt to try new things, especially when on a job hunt. Besides the more things you try the more ready you will be when the unexpected happens. Once in a while the unexpected things will really throw you for a loop. You'll be a bit surprised and it could ruin your chances depending on how you respond to it. Just always be aware that things can change in a moments time, they will not always stay the same.

Everything flows,
nothing stands still.

Plato, quoting Heraclitus

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